4 Retail Signage Tips to Drive Attention and Traffic to Your Retail Store

A signage is the first thing your customers see, and it can quickly become the last thing they see if it is not attractive. As per stats, nearly 76% of consumers (nearly 8 out of 10) said they entered a business after seeing the attractive signage. 

Effective signage can significantly increase the footfall of customers to your store, and that’s what every business needs. However, choosing clever signage is not a piece of cake. Just playing around with the font will not help you up the game, so here are 5 retain signage tips that’ll help you get amazing signboards that serve you as a client magnet.

  1. Big Fonts are Easy to Read
    Imagine a person seeing your signage from sitting in his car parked 20 meters away from your store, how effective will the small font be? Well, a small font deserves a place inside the store, so the signage you use outside should be big and easy to read.
    As per a study, smaller signboards received 75% less response than their bigger counterparts. So always determine the right size, and put yourself in the customer’s shoes.
    It would be great to get in touch with a laser cutting agency to get some ideas if you are planning to go with the trend and use a laser-cut signboard.
  2. Use the Right Sign Where it Suits.
    All retail sign boards aren’t created equal, so it is essential to understand their purpose before installing the signage anywhere on your business. There are different types of retail signage that help you boost customer engagement while experiencing more footfall.
    These include:
    Outdoor Signage
    The signage dangled outside your business is the first impression that the prospects see. So, it should be bright, compelling, and something that’s easy to understand. It is also essential to show the brand’s logo or the logos of famous brands your business deals in.
    Suppose you have a watch store and sell Rolex, so it would be great to fix the Rolex logo organically on the signboard. Similarly, businesses can do this depending on the type of industry they are in.
    Also, change the outdoor signage after some time, so the customers get something fresh to see.
    Indoor Signage
    The outdoor signage helps the customers enter a store, but the indoor signage helps them convert! So, in a nutshell, the amalgamation of indoor and outdoor signage can help a business boost its sales.
    Indoor signage should be small and should not consume a lot of space. Furthermore, it should be neat and only talk about one thing like the particular product section.
    Directional Signage
    Directional signage can be both indoor and outdoor, depending on the type of business and location. However, these signboards should be small and visible from a distance. The reason why directional sign boards are red is because of the visibility factor.
    Choose colours that are visible to everyone, and keep in mind the needs of people with special needs. There are some types of sign boards that are visible to people with poor vision. 
  3. Know the Right Position
    Even if you have the best sign board, if it is not installed in the right way, it is of no use. The sign board should be visible from all directions, and the customers shouldn’t have to put any effort to see or read it.
    It is indispensable to test the signboard’s position before you go ahead and get them installed. Smart businesses in Sydney ask their customers about the placement of the signboards, as they are the consumers.
  4. Playing with Colours May Help
    There are plenty of subconscious things that work in the mind when people look at a signboard. And all this happens due to the colours. Using proper colours and lighting can boost the signboard’s visibility by up to 23%.
    A red colour signboard has better visibility than a blue one. On the other hand, blue-coloured signage promotes calmness and helps people make a decision.
    Every business should understand the “psychology of colours on humans”, to know more about the colours they should use in the signboards.

Final Thoughts 

A signboard is really important for the success of a business. Whether you have a restaurant, a brewery, or a flower store, using the right signage can make the game in your favour. Smart businesses in Sydney believe that laser-cut signboards as the best marketing hack in 2021.

So, you can also try laser cut signages as they are highly durable, appealing, and go well with any type of business.

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