5 Avoidable Mistakes That Happen Commonly In Laser Engraving

It’s not news that laser engraving requires precision if you want to drive in the desired results. Also, it needs skilled accuracy, and acute fineness to get a splendid laser engraving job done. But some common mistakes can ruin the project.

Laser engravers are sophisticated machines, so it is indispensable to avoid any mistake at every cost. Here are some avoidable mistakes in laser engraving that can lead to disastrous outcomes.

1. Burnt Spots on Fabric Material

Engraving on materials like fabric requires extra attention as these are delicate and can burn quickly. Sturdier fabrics can handle the beat pretty impressively, but delicate varieties are prone to burning when exposed to a heated laser.

Fabrics, including denim, leather, and canvas, go with high power settings to get promising results. But when it comes to delicate fabrics, then low power settings work well.

Are you planning to do laser cutting and engraving at home? Have you ever asked an expert whether you can do laser cutting at home, or not?

Yes, laser cutting and engraving are possible at home, but it requires high-end machines that are quite expensive.

So you can leave the job on experts, especially when it comes to engraving on fabrics.

2. Inconsistent Engraving on Glass

Just like fabric, glass is also a sensitive material that makes engraving pretty challenging! Oftentimes, when you hit the glass surface with the laser, then there is a possibility of it getting fractured. The reason behind this is that the high power laser leads to damaging the top layer of the glass that makes it look frosty.

To avoid this from happening, simply lower down the power of the laser to around 300 DPI (dot per inch)! A lighter laser will help you in embarking on glass neatly without chipping the top layer off.

Also, change the black graphics reading to 80% for attaining a smooth finish on the glass.

3. Using an Unmaintained and Unclean Laser Engraver

Every machine requires timely maintenance, and a laser engraver is no exception! Using an unmaintained and unclean laser engraver can lead to unexpected results. It can damage the base material, or you will not get the expected precision.

Hire the best laser engraver technicians to get the machine services at regular intervals. Also, clean it frequently to avoid any drop in performance and quality.

4. Engraving on Different Woods with Same Settings

When it comes to the list of best laser engraving materials, wood pops up at the top! With wood, you can not only engrave intriguing designs, but also it cuts easily using a laser cutter. Like all woods are not the same, so you cannot use the same settings to engrave on them.

Lighter woods, including maple and cherry, require lesser power as a higher-powered laser can cause burn spots. On the other hand, denser wood varieties need a powerful blow of laser to engrave or cut.

Here Are a Few Handy Tips For Smooth Engraving on Wooden Surface

Alder and maple are the two wood types popular for engraving due to their smooth surface and rich contrast. But engraving on the bare wood can result in debris smoke, which can damage the finish of the final product.

If the process requires bare engraving on these wooden varieties, then start engraving from bottom to up against the direction of the wooden grain. It will help in a lesser generation of smoke and debris, so the contract and quality of the wood will remain unaffected.

5. Using an Engraver Without any Knowledge

Yes, some of the compact modern laser engravers are easy to use, but still, there’s a huge scope of making mistakes when an untrained person tries his hands. Using a laser engraver requires knowledge of the settings and the power of the laser based on the type of engraving surface.

Here are the top reasons why you should choose professional laser cutting and engraving services to get the desired results.


These are the five common mistakes that can be avoided easily to attain the best results from laser engraving. At Pro Laser Cutting, we offer the best laser cutting and engraving services in Australia with spellbinding results.

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