CNC Cutting Vs. Laser Cutting: Which is Better and Why?

Choosing between CNC and laser cutting can be daunting since most businesses don’t know the exact difference! Both cutting techniques use high-end equipment, but one is better than the other, and it reflects in the output.

Whether you are planning to get signage or you need wooden doors for your business, selecting the right cutting technique is vital. In this article, we have compared CNC cutting with laser cutting, so you can make a quick decision of choosing the best method.

Let’s get started:

CNC Vs. Laser: The common difference

Both CNC and laser cutting machines are powered with smart systems that guide the cutting tool. The significant difference between these cutting machines is the tool. CNC machines use a mechanical tool such as a drill bit that cuts on the material.

On the other hand, laser cutters have a laser that cuts through the material. There is no physical contact between two hard materials in laser cutting.

Intricate Designs

When it comes to cutting intricate designs, laser cutting is better. The beam of the laser can cut even the smallest of designs on the material, and that’s why laser cutting should be your choice.

The drill bits and other mechanical tools used in CNC machines can also cut intricate designs, but laser cutters perform better. The thickness of the drill can create difficulties in cutting small and sophisticated designs.

In a nutshell, laser cutting promises millimetre precision which is not the case with CNC cutters.

Excellent Finishing

A laser cutter not only cuts through the material but also it applies a finish on it, thus making the entire process streamlined. When you choose laser cutting, you have to wait for less time to get materials cut as the cutters can accomplish the cutting and finishing process simultaneously saving a lot of time.

On the other hand, CNC cutters don’t apply the finish so the cut material is sent for finishing and another such process that can take a lot of time. These post-machining treatments can be expensive based on the material.

No Accidental Markings

Accidental markings are common when using CNC cutters as the drill, or other hard tools come in direct contact with the material. Repairing the accidental markings is a challenging task depending on the type of damage caused, and you have to wait for more time to get the order delivered.

However, there is no physical contact of two hard objects in laser cutting, and the laser beam is free from chipping issues so there will be no or less accidental markings. The computer controlling the laser guides it according to the design, so you won’t have to worry about accidental markings caused during the cutting process.


When it comes to price, then CNC cutting is better than laser cutting. You have to pay less for CNC cutting since the cost of the complete setup is less as compared to laser cutters. Laser cutting can be expensive based on the services you take, but investing in laser cutting is worth every penny.

You have to wait less, the designs are carved with ultimate precision, and that’s enough to spend some more on laser cutting services if you are a quality-freak.

What services should you take?

When you see the complete comparison, then laser cutting seems to be the overall winner. Many modern businesses across the globe prefer to invest in laser cutting when it comes to quality designs and exceptional finish.

But if you have a low budget and you need a basic design, then you can choose CNC cutting services as well.


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