Laser Cutting or Dot Peen Marking: What Should be Your Choice?

Laser cutting and dot peen both are popular for their marking precision! No matter how intricate the design is, a laser cutter and dot peen marking machine can portray it exactly as the design.

But when it comes to choosing between laser cutting and dot peen marking, things can be daunting! Dot peen marking technology is well-established, while laser cutting is gaining immense popularity day by day.

Read on, to find out if you should invest in laser cutting or dot peen marking should be your choice.

What is Dot Peen Marking?

To help you understand the difference better, let’s talk about what dot peen marking is. Dot peen marking is a technique that enables you to print on metals and other hard surfaces. Mostly used in the automotive sector, technology is used by prominent brands to tag their parts.

You might have seen the chassis number on your car or the engine number. They are carved using dot peen marking.

What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is done by focusing on a high-intensity laser on any surface. In a laser cutter, there is no contact between two hard surfaces, and the laser beam engraves the numbers of codes on metal parts with added precision.

Laser Cutting and Dot Peen Marking: What’s the difference?

Laser cutting and dot peen marking, both are the marvels of technology used widely across various industries. But one is better than the other. To invest in the right technology, you must know the difference.

Types of Marks

When it comes to the types of marks, laser cutting wins over dot peen marking. Laser cutters are CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines, and it is easy to adjust the density of the dot. On the other hand, when it comes to dot peen marking, adjusting the density of the dot means replacing the part of the machine that comes in contact with the metal.
Laser cutting machines make it easy to adjust the density of the dot, so it saves a lot of time.

Marking Precision

When compared based on marking precision, both laser cutters and dot peen markers give a neck to neck competition to each other. Dot peen marking systems have excellent precision, but laser cutters are one step ahead and offer incredible precision.

Both machines require ad digital input, but precision matters because of printing technology. When the dot strikes with the metal, it generates heat, and there are chances of distortions.
On the other hand, laser cutters work swiftly, and there are fewer chances of any distortions on the metal surface.

Impact Sensitivity

A dot peen marking machine is good for the materials that can withstand the impact such as metals. These machines don’t work on soft materials like leather, paper, glass, and other such things, because the dot can damage the material due to the impact.

However, this is not the case with laser cutters. Laser cutting machines are highly versatile, and they work well with different types of materials such as leather, glass and so on.
In laser cutters, there is no impact, so there is no damage caused on the surface.


A dot peen marking machine can only carve numeric and alphanumeric codes. Furthermore, the machine can carve letters, codes, and simple terms, but fail to carve QR codes and complex designs. However, a laser cutter can engrave almost anything.

From QR codes to barcodes, and logos, laser cutters can print almost anything. Also, it is easy to adjust the size by putting the commands in the laser cutting machine.


A dot peen marking machine, and a laser cutter both need timely maintenance to work accurately. But in the case of dot peen marking more frequent maintenance is required. To mark with precision, the parts of the machine need to be calibrated, so that they work well.

A laser cutter also needs maintenance, but there is no calibration of the parts required. Proper cleaning, and updating the software helps the machine function properly.


Affordability is an important parameter; there is a significant difference in both technologies. Dot peen marking is affordable as compared to laser cutting, and the difference in cost can be big depending on the type of design and the materials.

Who’s the Winner?

Laser cutting is a winner when compared to dot peen marking. With laser cutting, you get detailed designs printed on different types of materials with less or no distortions.

The price of laser cutting is on the higher side, but that doesn’t make a great difference as the job is completed quickly, and that can save a lot of time.

Also, changes in design are possible in laser cutting only, because a dot peen marker requires a complete change in the setup if any changes in the design are required.

Final Thoughts

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