Pro Laser Cutting- A leading fabricator and corporate signage solution provider in Sydney and surrounds.

No one can deny that it is the era of fierce completion.

All of your business contenders are into a neck-to-neck competition with you to allure your customers by their marketing practices. In this hustle, it is crucial for your business to sustain a frontrunner position, and for staying one step ahead of your competition you need a reliable signage. Many people have the habit of taking signage boards for granted, but this is one of the biggest mistakes they are committing.

As per a survey, "approximately 75% of the customers disclosed that they entered a business or a store after getting attracted from its signage".

It is the right time for you to make a move by getting a topnotch signage that compliments your business. Pro Laser Cutting being a widely preferred signage manufacturer in Brisbane knows the pain-points businesses suffer when they are getting signage. We are into laser cutting business since years, and our expertise has helped numerous clients in boosting their brand identity and raising their company profile with brilliant signage.

What types of signage Pro Laser Cutting deals in?

We have made our services versatile and flexible enough to suit the requirements of distinct corporate brands.

Pro Laser Cutting doesn't just manufacture basic signage. We fabricate a masterpiece that is manufactured after extensive brainstorming and mechanical work.

Floating Signage

Today is the world of minimalism, and our floating signage will correctly define what minimalism is. These signs are manufactured from acrylic, timber, and other hard materials that can pass the test of time.


Floating signage is ideal for logos and brand signs because they are more appealing than other options. We cut different letters with the help of our laser cutters and joining them together to fabricate a perfectly designed signage.


These sign boards are best to dangle, and place on reception desks due to their eye-catching capabilities. Plus, the clean and precise design of these sign boards will help your brand in conveying the message directly to the audience.

Engraved Signage

If you need something compact and powerful enough to address the customers then engraved signage is something you need.


Professional Laser Cutting manufactures engraved signboards by engraving the provided design on a sheet of sturdy timber. The engravers we utilize are supremely precise, and there is no scope for even the tiniest of mistakes.


The laser etching engraved on the timber leaves a 1 mm deep etch which looks exquisite and renders a 3-dimensional look. Engraved signage is best to use for indoor purposes and places that are fortified from external climate and tough conditions.

Layered Signage

Pro Laser Cutting marries floating and engraved signage to manufacture top-of-the-line layered signboards. We commence the process by assembling a 3d floating design, and then we mount the 3d design on a smooth timber and acrylic base to create a contrasting design that is visually appealing and robust.


Layered signage is best to use for indoor and outdoor purposes because these have sturdy construction.


The materials we use are- lightweight plywood, premium plywood and acrylic, oak veneers, walnut veneers, and much more. All the materials are sourced from the best vendors in Australia to manufacture durable and reliable signage.

A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs are highly suggested for cafes, restaurants, and other small and medium-sized businesses. These sign boards are incredibly portable and can be used as shop-fronts and event signage.


Pro Laser Cutting handcrafts these signboards and engraves the provided design with our laser engravers.


There is a massive range of materials we use to manufacture A-Frame Signs that incorporates- timber, acrylic, and vinyl. Come up to us with the design and size, and we will deliver you with the exact product you are looking for!

General FAQs

Professional Laser Cutting has made the entire installation process simple and easy. We manufacture all the signage with hanging holes so that you can hang them wherever required. Also, there is a detailed hanging guide provided with every product to make the process quick and agile.

What’s more? You can submit an installation request, and our teams will reach your location in Sydney for the installation.

Note: Installation charges will vary according to the location, type and size of the signboard. You can get a detailed installation quotation from us to make things extremely transparent.

Professional Laser Cutting offers a massive range of materials for the Floating sign. You can choose from – Tasmanian Oak Veneer, Walnut Veneer, Natural Plywood, Acrylic, and Stained Plywood, because these are strong and more reliable.

Pro Laser Cutting is capable of handling small as well as bulk orders with the assurance of timely deliveries. To request a quote on our laser engraving services, simply tap the Contact Us button, or you can drop us a mail @ (enter us mail address). One of our courteous representatives will get back to you shortly.