Tips for Engraving Pictures Using a Laser Engraver

Laser engravers have made it easier to print a picture on almost anything. From hard to soft materials, these advanced engravers work like a charm. 

However, there are several complexities involved when engraving a picture. Although it may be the intricate design, colour or resolution, printing the exact photo needs a lot of practice.

Here are a few tips for engraving clear pictures using a laser engraver.

Consider the Material 

The preciseness of the photoengraving job depends on the type of material. For instance, you can put photos on metal, marble, wood, and more. Naturally, the material you choose will affect the quality of the engraving.

Always do a test job before completing the job to determine how the laser engraver performs on the material. 

Scan the Photos in Colour 

When scanning a photo, choose the colour option depending on the scanner. Whether the hard copy you have is white and black, you should select the right colours. 

It helps the laser engraver’s scanner understand the colours better, and you get a good quality image engraved on the material.

Don’t Use Photos with Poor Backgrounds. 

Pictures with expansive and clustered backgrounds may result in the poorly printed image. Always use images with the subject highlighted in them. Or ensure the background isn’t that prominent. 

Don’t Engrave Pictures with High DPI.

DPI refers to a dot per inch. For example, if you are looking to engrave a one-by-one inch picture at 1200 DPI, the engraver will etch 1200 dots from right to left. It’s great when printing digital photos but not good for photoengraving. 

When you burn a dot, it becomes bigger, so the picture becomes even bigger. So choose a lower DPI and ensure a precisely printed picture on any material.

Always Use Low-Resolution Photos 

Most of our clients come with printed photos that require scanning. If you also have a printed photo, scan it with low resolution. Do not exceed 300 DPI. As we have already discussed the demerits of engraving pictures with high DPI, so be sure about the resolution before engraving.

Don’t Engrave Pictures with a Predominantly One Color. 

If a picture has one colour covering a huge area, avoid engraving it. These photos don’t engrave well, and the subject may not be visible at all. 

Choose photos with a good colour balance to attain excellent results. 

Practice It

Before engraving the final job, practice on a small piece of material. Practising will help you avoid any complexities, and you can be sure about the resolution and colour.

Outsource the Job 

The best option to achieve good picture quality is outsourcing the job to Sydney’s best laser engraving company. These companies have high-tech machines that can print almost anything on different types of materials.

Final Thoughts 

Laser engraving with pictures isn’t easy at all. Furthermore, the process includes several complexities, including scanning the photos with low resolution. 

At Pro Laser, we can handle bulk photoengraving jobs. From wood to leather, and marble we can engrave photos on different types of material.

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