6 Interesting Facts About Laser Engraving

From stainless steel flasks to leather coasters, laser engraving has come a long way and is now being used for a variety of tasks. From basic etching to creating intricate designs, engraving is really helpful for marketing purposes. 

There is no need for any ink or pigmentation, as the powerful laser etches the design over the material with next-level precision. In this article, you will find the top six interesting facts about laser engraving that you should know. 

  1. Laser Engraving is Faster
    There are multiple engraving techniques available, but the reason why businesses prefer laser engraving is its speed. The modern laser engraving machines are faster and can easily engrave any design with maximum precision.
    To date, there are no engraving techniques faster than laser engraving, making it the preferred choice across the globe.
  2. Laser Engraving Can be Done on Multiple Materials
    While other engraving techniques are limited to specific materials, laser engraving offers wide support. From metals to plastics and even leather, laser engravers can work in a variety of materials.
    The material compatibility of the laser engraver depends on the type of engraver. But usually, these devices have wide compatibility. 
  3. Laser Engraving is Cheaper
    The reason why laser engraving is cheaper is that less time is required for the entire process. Moreover, there are laser engraving companies in Brisbane that offer bulk engraving services, and that also helps reduce the overall cost.
  4. Laser Engravers can Work on Moving Objects.
    This is a fact most people don’t know. Well, there are multiple modern laser engravers that can work on stationary and moving objects. It makes laser engraving better than other engraving techniques while improving the precision of the designs etched.
  5. Laser Engraving is Permanent
    The output of laser engravers can even last for a lifetime in some cases. The reason why the engraving lasts longer is that the beam of the laser heats the surface and then creates a design over it.
    There is no ink, or any other external device included throughout the process, improving the result achieved by engraving.
  6. The Same Laser Can Work on Different Materials
    Lasers used by modern engravers can work on different materials, which eliminates the need of changing the bulb, and also reduces the overall cost. These engravers have intensity adjusters that let the technicians adjust the thickness and power of the beam depending on the workpiece’s material.


Another amazing fact about laser engraving is that it does not involve any harmful chemicals and is environment-friendly. Also, laser engraving has set the standards high, and everyone from businesses to individuals is opting for laser engraving services.
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