Get customised and weather-resistant traffolyte switchboard labels in Sydney at Pro Laser Cutting

Working with electrical circuits requires diligence and adherence to specific rules, following switchboard labels being one of them. 

Safety signs and symbols, accident prevention tags, and similar electrical labelling are paramount in ensuring the safety of occupants in industrial buildings. The employees need to be aware of possible dangers around switchboards, and here’s where traffolyte labels do the needful. Industrial buildings and commercial projects actively use switchboard labels in Sydney to make all the electrical equipment identifiable for everyone using them. It ensures that the equipment is used correctly and the employees know when they should be alert while using them.

Identification labels are a requirement while using all electrical equipment to ensure the safety of people and proper maintenance of the equipment. 

We at Pro Laser Cutting understand the importance of maintaining a safe environment around electricals and engrave made-to-order traffolyte switchboard labels for all your needs. Buying traffolyte labels in Sydney is now easier than ever as we have in-house, state-of-the-art laser engraving machines to manufacture these labels for you. We deliver traffolyte labels of all shapes and sizes depending on the specifications of your equipment.

Laser-engraved switchboard labels in Sydney by Pro Laser Cutting

Pro Laser Cutting is committed to providing best-in-class switchboard labels in Sydney. Our switchboard labels are laser-engraved on one of the finest materials available for electrical use, traffolyte. We manufacture labels that exhibit unparalleled toughness and a range of customisation options. 

Shop traffolyte switchboard labels from Pro Laser Cutting and see the difference

Sophisticated laser-cutting equipment

The unmatched quality and durability of switchboard labels at Pro Laser Cutting result from first-rate CNC (computer numerically controlled) laser-cutting machines. These machines engrave on the most rigid materials available for switchboard labelling. 

Uncompromised quality

Safety is what we prioritise while manufacturing switchboard labels in Sydney. We ensure that our laser-engraved traffolyte labels make equipment easily identifiable and accident-proof at the same time.  

Variety in labels

We design switchboard labels for all types of electrical and industrial projects. Depending on your requirements, you can order labels in different sizes, shapes, colours, thicknesses, and textures.

Tailored labels

We extend our customisation options to provide different types of holes for fixing or mourning the labels, font styles, volumes, metallic finishes, and more such factors. You simply need to specify your requirements. 

Exceptional talent

We employ laser cutters who are experts in their art and help us provide top-quality switchboard labels for your requirements. In addition, our workforce is adept at moulding traffolyte into weather-resistant labels. 

Affordable labels

We design and manufacture cost-effective switchboard labels in Sydney, keeping in mind the budget, profession, and purpose of labelling for our clients. Top-notch services aren’t always expensive. 

Get a quote

If you are ready to pass the electrical switchboard standards of Sydney, contact us today to get a customised quote for switchboard labels. Our customer service representative will connect with you to guide you through the process. 


It’s a simple, four-step process:

  • Upload a sample of your preferred design and layout for labels on our website. 
  • Give us the names you want us to engrave on the labels. 
  • We will create a demo design and layout to get final confirmation from you. 
  • Once you confirm the design, we will start working on the final product and deliver it to your doorstep. 

You name it, and you will have it!

Yes, we manufacture switchboard labels of all shapes and sizes in different colours and textures. So let us know your expectations, and you are all covered. 

The cost of switchboard labels, no doubt, depends on your project requirements. However, it starts from $2.52 per label. 

Pro Laser Cutting is capable of handling small as well as bulk orders with the assurance of timely deliveries. To request a quote on our laser engraving services, simply tap the Contact Us button, or you can drop us a mail @ (enter us mail address). One of our courteous representatives will get back to you shortly.