We render explicit and sophisticated laser cutting services you can rely on.

If you need speedy, precise, and quality cut materials at affordable prices, then advanced laser cutting is the only solution for you. Most people think that laser cutting isn’t accessible and taking this service will break the bank. But this is nothing more than a misconception as the world of laser cutting is entirely revolutionized. Now you can get top-of-the-line laser cutting service in Sydney and surround at affordable rates and just by submitting your requirements online.

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is a process that involves a rugged and robust laser cutter or engraver. The laser engraver is focused on the base material to attain desired designs. It's best suited for manufacturing several products that incorporate jewels with classic designs, rubberized stamps, prototypes, screen dividers, and what not!

The modish laser cutters have extreme precision, and they can work on multiple materials on the go. These engravers or cutters use a thin beam of laser to engrave designs on the material without any damages and burn spots. Some people even call it metal and wooden etching. We project a highly powered CO2 laser beam to engrave the designs provided by our clients. Our engineers focus this beam on the material with the help of a compact nozzle attached at the frontal part of the laser cutter.

Additionally, the nozzle also releases a mix of nitrogen, oxygen, and air. The material to be cut gets vaporized by the pressure of the gas mix and laser beam while delivering a precisely cut output, which is the final product.

Why choose Pro Laser Cutting?

Pro Laser Cutting has raised the bars of conventional laser cutting to achieve a frontrunner place among other companies. We are the designers, illustrators, and fabricators of the most excellent laser engraved materials.

We are quick

We take the pride of being one of the quickest laser cutting service providers in Brisbane and surrounds. The moment you submit your project to the moment you get the delivery, everything is carried out quickly and professionally.

Competitive price

We have kept the price as low as possible while keeping the bars of quality at a higher standard. Professional Laser Cutting assures you that the prices offered by us are genuine and the products are worth every penny.

We deliver quality derived from precision and details

The laser cut products materials delivered by us have visible details because we never settle with something less than the best.

We offer a one-on-one visualizing session

Professional Laser Cutting offers a free one-on-one session to visualize the designs you submitted. Whenever you need any help with your designs, we are here to assist round the clock!

General FAQs Addressed

Professional Laser Cutting utilizes a massive fleet of materials in the laser cutting process.

Our laser cutters are capable of working on interior plywood, boxboard, solid timber and its substitutes, cardboards and papers, polypropylene, genuine leather, textiles, natural/silicone rubber, acrylic, Perspex and much more.

Just name the material, and we will work accordingly as per your preference.

We get all the materials supplied from reliable vendors who are renowned for delivering high-quality raw materials.

Professional Laser Cutting continuously looks for vendors who have competitive price and partner with those who never compromise with quality just we do!

The cost of availing laser cutting services from Professional Laser Cutting is very satisfactory. However, there is no fixed charge for a particular service.

The overall cost of the service will depend on the size, material type, quantity, and geometry of the final product.

Want a detailed price quotation? Tap the Contact Us Button and get the exact price of our services.

We take minimal time to deliver the jobs with the assurance of high-quality. But there are some factors like material availability, workload, and typical turn-around, that impacts the overall time duration.

We will keep you notified about the delivery time, and our workforce will invest their hundred percent efforts to deliver your products before the deadline.

Looking for how to get laser cutting services?

We have made the entire process of laser cutting services more uncomplicated than ever.

  • 1

    Finalize the design you need

    If you don't have any design, come to us, and we will help you in choosing the right one

  • 2

    Select the type of material you want in the final output

  • 3

    Allocate a realistic deadline

  • 4

    Pay the Advance sum using our highly-encrypted payment gateways

And that’s all! Wait for us to notify you regarding the delivery schedule or you can pick up your products from our warehouse after settling the final payment.