Factors that Affect the Cost of Laser Cutting/Engraving Services in Sydney

Does a laser cutting/engraving job cost thousands of dollars? Or is it really cheap, nowadays?

Well, for every enquiry we receive from our prospects, the first question is always “how much does the job cost”?

There are several factors involved in pricing a laser engraving/cutting job, and we offer a detailed quote to our customers after evaluating these factors.

Read on, and find out the factors that affect the cost of laser cutting services in Sydney.

  1. Job-run Time
    The modern laser cutters come equipped with a built-in clock that calculates the total time taken by a job. Usually, all laser cutting agencies in Sydney use this factor to price their services. The job-run time depends on various things like the size of the project. For bulk projects, the cost is less, and for small projects, the cost is usually higher due to additional labour charges.
  2. The Material
    Another factor that affects the cost of laser cutting and engraving services is the material. Some materials like paper, leather, and fabric require more precision and the utmost care, so engraving on these things is expensive. On the other hand, materials like plastic and wood have relatively lower prices. There are some special materials as well, like metals, that need more labour costs and more job-run time.
  3. The Pricing Method
    The pricing method also affects the overall cost of the job. Usually, there are two methods preferred by Sydney residents:
    Per square inch
    Flat pricing method
    Our team measures the material and layout to calculate the overall cost. The cost per square inch depends on the type of material and the methodology we are using. For example, if a job involves both cutting and engraving services, then the cost will be more.
    Furthermore, people also prefer the flat pricing method, as it is the easiest one. We give a flat rate per product after evaluating the entire cost, which is then multiplied by the number of products.
  4. The Deadline
    With more and more businesses outsourcing the task to laser cutting companies, getting the work done quickly can cost a little more. The price of the engraving/cutting services depends on how quickly you want the job to be done.
    Flexible deadlines can help you bag several discounts, so get in touch with a local laser cutting in Sydney to get a price quote.
  5. Type of Service You Opt for
    The cost of laser cutting, marking, and etching are different, and so are the prices! The cost of the job depends on the services. If you take engraving and cutting services in a bundle, you can expect to save money. 

Final Thoughts 

There are the top five factors that affect the cost of laser engraving/cutting services in Sydney. With these factors in mind, you can get the job done at fair prices. 

At Pro Laser, we offer a myriad of laser cutting and engraving services to small and medium businesses. Get in touch with us and get the best laser cutting services at reasonable rates.

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