Safety Tips to Follow When Using a Laser Cutter

The massive surge in the popularity of laser cutters has increased its usage in all industries! Businesses in Sydney and all over the world are using laser cutting services for the obvious benefits it offers, such as high accuracy, ease of use, and speed

However, using an industrial laser cutter requires you to follow some safety tips to make the entire process safe and seamless. These machines come with extraordinary powerful lasers, so accidents are inevitable if you aren’t following the safety tips.

Here are the safety tips you need to know when using a laser cutter.

  1. Don’t Leave the Machine Unattended When it’s Working.

    A laser cutter uses high-power lasers that can result in the fire due to mishaps and accidents. Whenever the machine is firing the operator should keep an eye on the process. Most folks tend to leave the cutter unattended, and it can result in accidents.

    Smaller jobs take less time to complete, and the larger ones can take a few hours, so there should be more than two operators with the machine. If the operator needs a break, then the other one can take his place to keep checking the machine while it is firing.

    No matter how advanced laser cutter do you have the chances of dire are there if you leave the cutter unattended while it is firing.

  2. Clean the Workshop After Every Job

    Keep the workshop clean after every job, especially when working on materials like wood. The sawdust scattered inside the workshop is prone to fires caused due to the exposure of lasers. Advice the operators to keep the area and the laser cutter clean after every job.

    Furthermore, cleanliness also helps in better operations, and it enhances the efficiency of the laser cutter.

  3. Go Through the Instruction Manual

    Make sure to read the instruction manual before using the machine. The manual comprises some essential details like what to do if a fire breaks out and how to maintain the laser cutter. Every machine has different features that are explained in the user manual.

    Keep a note of the essential tips from the manual so that you can go through them again whenever required.

  4. Don’t Cut on a Material with Unknown Characteristics.

    A laser cutter cannot cut on all types of materials due to the enormous difference in the characteristics. As an example, some lasers are specific for wood, and paper, while others perform well on PVC and tiles. Don’t cut just any material with the machine, as it can damage the machine or you will see fumes in your workshop.

    Laser cutting machines come with a ventilation system to make the operation smooth. If you use cutters without a ventilation system on materials such as PVC and other plastics, then it can result in hazardous smoke that’s lethal when inhaled. Check the instruction manual to know what materials you can cut with the laser cutter.

  5. Keep Safety Measures Handy

    A laser cutting workshop should have safety measures like fire extinguishers available all the time. Also, the operators working there should know how to use the extinguishers since using waters in these fires isn’t a good idea.

Final Thoughts

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